Review: Esteè Lauder The Mattifier, Shine Control Perfecting Primer+Finisher

Whew, quite a mouthful, that name.

Hi glam fam! So I meant to put this up a while ago but life happens…So..

Anyway, so I finally got my hands on this Mattifier primer even though there were quite a number of mixed reviews out there.

As usual, the cute packaging appealed to me and I know I’ll probably keep the tube in my vanity for decorative purposes. 🤣

Product claims

Mattifying, oil-free primer creates a silky-smooth canvas for makeup application by controlling oil and reducing shine.

Use it to prep your face for makeup, then refresh throughout the day to keep skin looking velvety matte.

Primes, controls shine, mattifies.

With a nice creamy consistency, it spreads on easily. It doesn’t feel tacky and really does leave the skin velvety matte to the touch without the slightest hint of a tint.

The first time I used this, I paired it with my  Double Wear Foundation and it worked a charm.  *Foundation Review here*

For the purposes of an unbiased review, I used my MAC Matchmaster foundation.

I used a buffing brush and then finished off with my sponge as I’ve come to realize it always leaves my face looking flawless even without powder.

I set everything with Sacha buttercup powder and did nothing else to my face since I didn’t have any plans to go out.
I liked the finish, my face looked pretty nice and my pores looked diminished a whole lot! My skin had a subtle radiance to it as well. Not bad at all.
Fast forward, an hour in, while I was still at home, my nose began to glisten, then the rest of my T-Zone caught on. All under two hours!
My thoughts
Even though it has an average rating of 4.7/5 on the official website, 4.7 on Ulta and 5.0 on Sephora, this supposed shine control potion does not control shine. Nope.
Coupled with Double Wear, it works really well since Double Wear in itself is awesome at controlling shine. With other foundations, not so much. I paired it with L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte and the shine took a little under three hours to show up; better but not good enough.
If you’re looking for something to aggressively counter oiliness and shine, this is not for you. However, for the perfect base and velvety finish with a radiant look, try this. People with oily skin aren’t gonna like this much.  For dry, normal skin, give this a try.
I’ve resorted to pairing this with Rimmel Stay Matte primer in my T-Zone, setting all that with a Matte powder then applying foundation. Other times, I pair it with Hourglass veil  (which I’m almost out of *_*) then Matte powder, then foundation. Now THIS METHOD controls shine and tames my oily T-Zone just how I like.
Overall, I’d give The Mattifier a shaky 4.3 mostly because

  • It provides a smooth base for foundation application
  • Leaves a beautiful finish
  • Keeps makeup in place
  • Has pretty packaging
  • Silky-smooth texture enhances skin
  • Works well under makeup.
  • Contains an impressive mix of hydrating and antioxidant ingredients.
1 oz of product.
  • Adds a subtle, radiant glow to skin.
  • Fragrance free

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think. Oh and also recommend good primers I should try.



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